The Science Behind Fastin

Fastin is produced by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, a leading diet and energy supplement manufacturer, and intended for use by individuals interested in losing weight and burning fat. The supplement accomplishes this by stimulating the metabolism, increasing energy, and suppressing the appetite.Fastin contains ingredients that amplify the activity of major neurotransmitters in the brain that increase a sense of well-being and mood, mental activity, attention, motivation, alertness, energy, stamina, physical activity, and pleasurable feelings.

Phenylethylamine is a primary ingredient in Fastin that does just this; amplifies the signal strength and effectiveness between neurotransmitters. Some of the brain’s major neurotransmitters that benefit from the effects of phenylethylamine include:

  • Dopamine – increase wellbeing and pleasure
  • Norepinephrine – increase in wakefulness and higher performance
  • Acetylcholine – improved memory and mental activity
  • Serotonin – increase in mood and better impulse control

The positive increases in energy, mood, and stamina all lead to increased weight loss, an effect which is further enhanced by xanthine alkaloids, like caffeine and Theobromine, contained in Fastin. These alkaloids act as stimulants and increase weight loss through thermogenesis.

The thermogenic effect of Fastin, causing the body’s basal metabolic rate to increase, helps in lipolysis (the release of fat), making it an extremely effective fat burner. In addition to increasing mood, promoting thermogenesis, and stimulating the body to intensify its fat burning capabilities, Fastin acts as an appetite suppressant that affects the central nervous system by reducing feelings of hunger.

Fastin includes 245mg of a unique proprietary blend with Thermo RX, created by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, which includes the following ingredients:

  • Phenylethylamine HCL
  • Methylsynephrine HCL
  • Theobromine Anhydrous
  • 1,3-Dimethlyamine HCL
  • Synephrine HCL
  • N-Methyl-Phenylethylamine HCL
  • Yohimbine HCL

In addition to the proprietary blend, Fastin includes 100mg of caffeine. Through its thermogenic targeted design, energy enhancing ingredients, and appetite suppressing capabilities, Fastin combines the best natural ingredients available to aid in weight loss and fat burning. Buy Fastin online today!